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Software Asset Management

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Can you afford not to create software assets when implementing bespoke software solutions?

When it comes to enterprise IT projects and software development, most of the times the build process and solution outcome is left to chance. To protect your investment in time and money we have created a product called Software Asset Management, or SAM for short. With SAM you can manage your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) efficiently and make sure your bespoke software solutions are truly assets to your business.

Key features of SAM

Role based workplaces

  • Functional owner workplace to promote ownership in close touch with business stake holders
  • Project manager workplace to provide information relevant to the management of resources across SDLC teams
  • Functional consultant workplace to ensure in time delivery of functional input for solution development and timely feedback of test results
  • Team lead workplace to manage SDLC team workload and team member efficiency
  • Developer workplace to provide all context required for successful implementation of bespoke software solutions
  • System administrator workplace to ensure correct deployment of implemented solutions in the system landscape

System guided capacity planning

  • Flexible definition of SDLC teams, team skill and capacity
  • Work scheduling with calculation of estimated completion dates within SDLC team capacity
  • Calculation of estimated completion dates for implementations across several SDLC teams
  • Rescheduling of implementation work based on changed business priorities
  • Automatic tracking of implementation status compared to schedule
  • Team workload overview at a glance

Asset register of bespoke software features

  • Register of available software features that can be queried in various way
  • Detailed context of use cases, version history, documentation and organizational background
  • SAP TMS and CTS+ plug-in for automatic retrieval of technical objects implemented with bespoke software solution
  • For SAP TMS and CTS+ deployments automatic tracking of deployment status into development, consolidation and production systems
  • Reporting on incomplete deployment of bespoke solutions in the system landscape

Management of SDLC resources

  • Self-managed allocation of work from the task stack
  • Team lead managed allocation of work to team members
  • Tracking of actual resource work time against estimates
  • Feedback of implementation progress with dynamic adaption of team capacity plan and work schedule in response to overruns or under runs
  • Time reporting for costing and/or invoicing purposes

Document store

  • Business requirement specifications
  • Functional and technical specifications
  • Test instructions and test results
  • Change control documents
  • All common document types/ applications
  • Secure storage in the SAP database

Integration with helpdesk ticket system

  • Enterprise Services based integration with helpdesk ticket systems to workflow 1st and 2nd level support items to the SDLC teams.

Customer success story

See how Pick n Pay Retailers are in control of their SDLC using SAM

Experience Software Asset Management

To experience Software Asset Management download the installation package. It contains the end user license agreement, software and installation instructions.
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